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European Association for Studies in Screen Translation

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The purpose of the Association shall be to carry out the following main aims as adopted in Cardiff on 25 March 1995:

  • to facilitate contact for an exchange of information and experience in the teaching of screen translation in higher education institutes in Europe;
  • to promote screen translation as an additional skill to the qualification of translator and encourage the creation of innovative courses in screen translation in European higher education institutions;
  • to facilitate cooperative projects including the exchange of staff and students;
  • to study the potential of curriculum development in the field of screen translation on a European basis;
  • to initiate other forms of collaboration and research in screen translation;
  • to develop the dialogue between higher education teachers who offer courses in and on screen translation and persons concerned with the profession of screen translation in the television and film industries;
  • to promote professional standards in the teaching and practice of screen translation.

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